Heavy Duty LED Work Lights: Are They Worth It?

Heavy Duty LED Work Lights: Are They Worth It?
By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Gary_Harvey/36845]Gary Harvey

Heavy duty LED work lights are designed to deliver the brightest white light under harsh operating conditions. They need to be tough because, depending on where they are installed, LED work lights will to have endure any of the following:

– salt water,

– high temperatures,

– freezing cold temperatures,

– deluging rain,

– repeated jolting,

– and in some settings, such as the mining industry, they operate 24 hours a day.

So let’s ask:

Why are LED work lights such a brilliant idea?

Okay, I admit it. That’s a bit of pun, but it’s also true. LEDs produce high intensity, brilliant light. How’s that? Because an LED is a special type of electrical component (called a diode) which allows electricity to flow through it in such a way as to generate light. LEDs make light electronically which means they don’t get hot and they also use significantly less electricity. And as I was saying a moment ago, the light which they give off is ultra bright.


Contrast them with incandescent lamps. Most of the electricity they eat up is used to generate heat (not light) which is why conventional globes are hot to touch after they’ve been on for a little while.

Not so with LEDs. Most of the power they eat is used to produce light. They are 400 per cent more energy efficient.

But that is not the only feature which makes them so attractive.


LED technology does not use a filament, so LED lamps can handle the bumps and thumps that industrial and heavy commercial usage often involves. Not having a fine filament means these units are tough. They can take a lot of punishment and they’re hard to break.


Also, redundancy is built right into the design, because most LED lamps contain multiple diodes. If one does happen to fail (a rare event!), there are other light sources in that housing and these will to continue to blaze powerfully.


Sophisticated LED light bars use PWM (that’s Pulse Width Modulation) to control the current. PWM turns the LED on and off at a controlled rate which is so fast it is measured in milliseconds. There is no flickering effect because the on/off rate is well above anything the human eye can detect.

As a result, there is one invisible benefit which this system delivers – and that is protection against voltage spikes from the vehicle’s electrical systems.

Now let’s ask:

What industries require heavy duty LED work lights?

Actually it’s a surprising number of situations that call for superior illumination. Here are just a few.

– Construction.

– Earth moving. Such as excavators, bulldozers where the entire machine is subjected to frequent and substantial impacts.

– Forestry. Think of logging vehicles crashing their way through uneven terrain.

– Marine. Any water craft, from the large passenger cruisers to small fishing boats, can be subjected to extremes of weather with little advance notice. Plus, for ocean going vessels, there is the corrosive effect of salt.

– Mining.

– Recreational vehicles (RVs). Off-road vehicles in particular get a solid pounding and their lighting systems need to be rugged.

– Trucks. Such as tow trucks and pickup trucks.

You get factory prices when you buy from the factory.

Learn more about Tough Industries Limited, supplier of heavy duty LED work lights and a huge range of other LED lighting.

QUICK LINKS: [http://www.toughlighting.com/product/led-work-light/heavy-duty-led-work-lights.html]Heavy Duty LED Work Lights – See pictures here! [http://www.toughlighting.com/product/led-work-light/12v-24v-led-work-lights.html]LED work lights

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Heavy-Duty-LED-Work-Lights:-Are-They-Worth-It?&id=9415635] Heavy Duty LED Work Lights: Are They Worth It?

Understanding and Utilizing SEO Link Building for Your Website

Understanding and Utilizing SEO Link Building for Your Website
By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Rhonadale_Florentino/237944]Rhonadale Florentino

If you’re reading this, then you already have the basics of SEO down pat. You’re here to understand one of the more confusing parts of SEO – link building.

Link building is as its name says – a strategy in which you create connections between your website and other sources, such as other websites, social media, etc. These connections are what you can call as roads that lead to you and your website. And with a lot of roads that lead to you, then you can get a lot of visits. Do take note that even if you have a lot of links, no one would be going to a place with cruddy articles and desolate landscapes. Always make sure that you do SEO link building and content creation hand-in-hand. With good SEO content and a hefty amount of links, you can ensure that there would be conversion from traffic to consumers happening in your website.

SEO link building can involve sharing your content over social media. Sharing through networking sites can increase links and views, which can then propagate the link to other pages, especially if you have share-worthy content on your site. Over social networking, you can also track real-time reviews or ask for feedback from people that would be visiting and reacting about your content and your site in general.
You can also create links with other websites. Being in contact with websites under your niche, as long as they’re not your competition, can be really healthy for your links. By being part of a group of websites under a similar industry but not necessarily fighting each other for visitors, then you have already a good amount of web linking to do.

The purpose of all these link building is to create a lot of paths for search engine crawlers to find your website, making it and your content more relevant. The rank of your relevance should always be high, because this dictates the position that you will be showing up in search result pages. With the right keywords and a lot of links built, you can expect to show up in search results for your set of keywords, acquiring traffic, customers, and revenue.

Popularity and relevance can be easily controlled with the help of proper search engine optimization. You can find reliable SEO companies which could provide you with a veritable number of sites that can link to your website, and you can let them handle your content as well. The best online marketing companies that you can find will be able to provide you with a spike in visitors, a veritable supply of share-worthy content, and a lot of links, roads that will lead back to your website.

To make the most of your website, you have to make sure that you get a steady stream of visitors. Increase your site traffic with the right [http://www.readywritenow.com/online-presence-solutions-creative-outsourcing/SEO-services-London/]SEO link building package. Don’t know how to start? Let UpRush Social Geeker’s [http://www.readywritenow.com/online-presence-solutions-creative-outsourcing/SEO-services-London/]SEO link building packages be your guide.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Understanding-and-Utilizing-SEO-Link-Building-for-Your-Website&id=9435253] Understanding and Utilizing SEO Link Building for Your Website

Tips for Successful Recreational Fishing

Tips for Successful Recreational Fishing
By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Anders_Abadie/1022510]Anders Abadie

Venturing outdoors to a lake or stream for recreational fishing promises an enjoyable time filled with good memories. People of all ages can enjoy this sport. Ensure everyone’s safety by observing the following guidelines, as equipment and tackle used can be dangerous when not used correctly.


Recreational fishing involves the use of equipment known as “tackle.” Tackle includes a rod and reel, bobbers, hooks, bait, and tools. Some implements such as the hooks are very sharp because they are designed to penetrate the fish to catch them on the line. Therefore, take extreme caution while handling tackle to prevent injury. Although there are many types of bobbers available, the plain red ones work well for novice fishers. These brightly colored bobbers will rest on the surface of the water until a fish comes along to jerk on the line. The rod and reel used by each angler should fit his or her individual size. Children should use rods that are small enough for them to hold and manipulate in their hands independently. It’s also best to use short rods that are less than five feet in length for small kids to ensure that they can cast and reel without adult help.


Strong debates wage regarding the use of live or artificial bait. Those who prefer artificial bait may have a tackle box filled with many different options to enable them to catch whatever is swimming in the waters. While there are many advantages to this approach, beginning anglers might prefer something simpler. Earthworms dug up from one’s own backyard can be extremely effective, not to mention very affordable, for an afternoon of angling. Even kids should be able to successfully put a worm on a hook before casting the line into a lake.

Other Equipment

Pack sunscreen to protect skin from harsh midday rays. It’s also helpful to bring along food and water to keep everyone happy and healthy. For people who plan to take their catch home with them, a cooler and ice will be a necessity. Bring a first-aid kit to enable swift treatment of minor injuries such as cuts or scrapes.

Catch and Keep or Release

Anglers must decide whether their recreational fishing pursuits involve catch and keep or catch and release. When the goal is to keep a catch, it’s necessary to follow local guidelines about the size of the fish pulled from the water. Any specimens that are smaller must be released. Do not keep more fish than can reasonably be used. For catch and release, anglers must handle the fish carefully to avoid injuring them. Return them to the water as soon as possible to minimize their stress. Remove the hook from the mouth gently to prevent damaging it.

By following safety guidelines, it’s likely that an excursion will be enjoyable for the entire group. Even though lines may tangle and baits will need to be replaced, the memories will stay with everyone for a lifetime. Someone might even land “the big one” that goes down in the record books!

To learn more about your options for recreational fishing, visit [http://www.sttammanyfishingpier.com/index.php/trip-essentials]http://www.sttammanyfishingpier.com/index.php/trip-essentials.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Tips-for-Successful-Recreational-Fishing&id=9375686] Tips for Successful Recreational Fishing

Gone Fishing: Five Tips For Newbies

Gone Fishing: Five Tips For Newbies
By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Anders_Abadie/1022510]Anders Abadie

No one ever forgets their first fishing experience. Most people find it relaxing to sit in a boat or standing on the pier with a pole in hand. However, there is more to this sport than meets the eye. Here are some important things that should be done so that the experience will be enjoyable.

Purchase a state fishing license

Every state has their own rules about using water for sport. There are a variety of licenses to choose from, including those for daily use, short-term, annual, and lifetime. Check the state’s fishery departments to find out if there are any specific requirements, such as age limits.

Wear boat shoes

Before stepping on a slippery boat, be sure to invest in some non-skid boat shoes. Many first time fishermen and fisherwomen make the mistake of wearing shoes that are not conducive to being on a slippery surface. Also make sure to avoid wearing shoes with a dark sole, as they can very easily leave dark colored scuff marks on the deck of the boat.

Use new hooks

Before going out on this adventure, be sure to purchase new hooks. Don’t be tempted to use old hooks passed on by a friend or family member. Not only are new hooks sharper and more efficient, they are also safer to use. Old hooks can rust and be difficult to maneuver. It could result in a painful injury when removing the fish.

Seek advice

Fishing seems like an easy sport that does not take much thought. In reality it’s a very skilled sport that takes time to master. Ask for tips and advice from those who have been fishing for a long time. This can be anyone from a friend to a professional at a tackle shop. Invited someone with experience to come on the excursion with you. Their knowledge can help you throughout the day.

Remain patient

This is not a high intensity sport. It is meant to be calming, relaxing and an exercise in patience. Do not become impatient if there are no bites right away. Simply recast and enjoy the peacefulness.

One of the best things about fishing is that there is always something new to learn on each trip. There is no need to figure everything out all at once. Do some research on the different types of fishing, including saltwater, fresh water, and deep sea. Get acquainted with the variety in the sport to help determine what you find most enjoyable. Over time, anyone can become an avid fan of the sport.

To learn more about fishing you should visit [http://www.sttammanyfishingpier.com/]http://www.sttammanyfishingpier.com/.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Gone-Fishing:-Five-Tips-For-Newbies&id=9385667] Gone Fishing: Five Tips For Newbies

Eight Dynamite Affiliate Marketing Tips

Eight Dynamite Affiliate Marketing Tips
By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Paul_Trapp/159273]Paul Trapp

When it comes to making money, there’s nothing better than working at home, with your own schedule and dress code!. Here are eight dynamite affiliate marketing tips you can use to stay home and make money with just a few clicks of your mouse.

1) First of all, it’s vital that whatever you’re working with is something you’re knowledgeable about. This doesn’t have to be the latest niche either. When you work with something you know and are excited about, there’s a good chance your enthusiasm is going to transfer through every affiliate step you make. Plenty of time later to attack a niche you’re not familiar with. If you follow this tip, the next one will be easy.

2) Understand your audience. For example, if you’re into fashion, then you should know who likes your type of fashion. How old are they, how affluent, do they live in cities or in the country, etc.? This knowledge will help your marketing efforts. You’ll know who, what and why your visitors are likely to click through to your site.

3) The next tip is a biggie, no matter where or what business you’re in. You need to be honest, and you must choose which products you market carefully. As your consumers get to know you, if you’re honest about things, they’ll come back even if they are not interested in the first thing you have to offer.

4) Don’t leave material up that is out of date. You can take advantage of current events to drive traffic, but you must keep your marketing current. It may be fascinating for some to see current events links, but if your links are not targeted to your audience they won’t be back. So make sure your content, links, and back links as well as your blog is relevant to your particular audience.

5) It takes time to build a business. Be patient and don’t give up if it doesn’t take off the first week or so.

6) Make sure your content is informational and current. Content is vital. Good copy can bring visitors back again and again, so keep the content informational, helpful, and of course relevant.

7) Research, research, research. Don’t just join everything in site. Make sure you choose your affiliate programs carefully. Select them on your research, not just because the program is hot right now.

8) Work your business. Owning your own business takes time and effort. Once you’ve decided to become an affiliate marketer, you are now a sole proprietor. Treat your affiliate marketing business like you would a traditional brick-and-mortar business. Put the necessary hours in, treat your customers well, and realize every contact you make has a chance of becoming a customer for life.

These eight dynamite affiliate marketing tips work! So, set your goals, work the job, and be happy owning your own business. The ups and downs will come and go, but if you want it badly enough, and are willing to work hard AND smart, your business will succeed!

Would you like to learn more about Affiliate Marketing? If so, download my brand new eBook titled “Internet Marketing Sprint [http://internetmarketingsprint.com]” now at [http://internetmarketingsprint.com][http://internetmarketingsprint.com].

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Eight-Dynamite-Affiliate-Marketing-Tips&id=4393466] Eight Dynamite Affiliate Marketing Tips

7 Reasons Your Business Should Be Pumping Out More Content

7 Reasons Your Business Should Be Pumping Out More Content
By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Tejas_Solapurkar/1253515]Tejas Solapurkar

Content marketing could bring in astonishing benefits for a business and it is not worth to miss at any cost. Those who believe in social media channels seem not to realize the importance of content marketing. But when great content gets engineered appropriately it brings in tremendous and interesting benefits for the business as shown below.

1. Good content is great for SEO

Trends with social engine marketing keep changing, but there can never be an alternative for quality content. Google keeps updating its search algorithm and SEO experts keep exploring the internet for articles to take advantage of this new system. An excellent and a sure strategy to improve search engine ranks without depending on SEO blogs is to publish quality content that visitors of the website find useful. Creating fresh new content periodically intimates search engines that the website is up to date and fresh and there is a chance for this new content to get connected with bloggers which enhances the authority of the site which is again an key ranking factor.

2. Good content grows leads for a website

After having created quality content, published an eBook or a white paper, website owners might put it on the landing page where people could easily download it. This page could get coupled with a page with contact information that could get exchanged for download. This helps in knowing viable customers of a business, their interests and helps website owners learn their email marketing list better.

3. Fresh and quality content helps in building trust with potential customers

Advertising is a known way to kindle awareness among prospects for a business, but to connect with customers and to allow them learn what the company and business is all about, the best approach is content marketing. People also wish to learn about a company by reading articles about it that states the mission, vision, goals of the business clearly.

4. Good content helps increasing social following

With top-notch content it is possible to earn more social shares and build up loyal followers who wish to learn more from the website with dedication. By sharing studies, blog posts, infographics that people usually don’t find elsewhere, a business gets a chance to establish itself as an expert in the field. Most experts have a huge social media presence because they post interesting content, the same rule apply for businesses as well.

5. Helps driving long term results

Those who spend time in developing quality content would surely keep attracting people on the long term. The views and shares of the content keep increasing day by day and it ends up with large number of viewers after few days. Content that is not of that good quality might invite visitors but not on the long term.

6. Good content does good for the brand

Ultimate goals of content writing are to create content that would be of help for the audience and also it helps in bolstering people’s relationship with the brand. As you help them in solving a problem and were there to help them when needed, they would surely render brand loyalty in return. Also, more the content gets shared online, more the exposure and more the brand awareness we get in return.

7. Helps in building authority

Best content and blog answers questions of the customers and leads, if a website is consistently creating good content, then it is good for the target customer which helps in establishing authority for them, from their point of view. This is of tremendous use for businesses concerned with sales and service.

Thus, quality content has the best impact on website traffic, helps developing leads, promotes social media presence and measures sales enablement on the whole, and these sales enablement opportunities is what every business waits for.

To satiate knowledge, insights and Internet Marketing Strategies to increase business presence with abilities that are capable to help any idea to meet reality, kindly visit [http://digitalmarketingadvise.com/]http://digitalmarketingadvise.com/.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?7-Reasons-Your-Business-Should-Be-Pumping-Out-More-Content&id=9415542] 7 Reasons Your Business Should Be Pumping Out More Content

Top 7 Dynamite Persuasive Writing Strategies To Deliver Explosive Articles

Top 7 Dynamite Persuasive Writing Strategies To Deliver Explosive Articles
By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Robert_Bryan_Anthony/721011]Robert Bryan Anthony

When one hears about persuasive writing strategies, he’s probably not thinking about noticing a demolition company about to explode a condemned building, wondering how they actually make it happen…Planning! Hover, he’s most likely seen videos of buildings creatively imploding due to dynamite or C4 explosives…Execution! The fact is, these companies know exactly where, why, and how to place the explosives in order to get the results they expect…Precision!

Same with writing copy for headlines and/or articles for business and marketing. It takes Planning, Execution, and Precision to provide articles that matter as genuine value to a market place. If you want to deliver “explosive” articles, full of power, punch, and persuasive writing strategies, then you will need to implement the following top 7 “dynamite” persuasive writing strategies that will bring you closer to the marketing results you expect.

Strategy 1-Plan a Keyword-Rich Title

Compose an explosive article with a sensible title that contains the keyword(s), preferably the first few words. Be sure you perform proper “planning” for keyword research by using reputable keyword research tools like Google Keyword Tool.

Strategy 2-Execute Appropriate Word Count

Compose explosive articles between 500-1,200 words since most Article Submission Directories expect a certain range of word counts. Words must be value-driven, targeted content that provides a solution for searchers. It’s been stated that Google possibly expects at least 500 words to get any substantial page ranking.

Strategy 3-Break up Content with Precision

Compose an explosive article body with strategies to make it easier for the common Internet reader. Use a variety of persuasive writing strategies of font type faces, like bold, italics, and underline, to “break up” the content. Separate paragraphs and they must contain, if possible, no more than 4-5 average sentences and 5 to 6 shorter sentences.

Strategy 4-Making the Difference Means Taking Action

Compose an explosive article that will provide you with dynamite results and will provide a Call To Action at the end. If your product, service, or content is worth buying, using, or sharing, then it’s wise marketing to be sure people know what you want them to do next after reading your content. Most often this step is in a Resource Box.

Strategy 5-Submit Your Content So People Can Share

Compose an explosive article that uses the beneficial assets of Social Media and the ability to submit article content for syndication and sharing. If your content contains persuasive writing strategies and is worth sharing, then submit the article to at least the Top 10 Article Directory or Submission sites, which can be found at vretoolbar.com/articles/directories.php.

Strategy 6-Continue the Conversation

Compose an explosive, value-filled article and Tweet on automation using programs like Twitter, TweetAdr, HootSuite, or SocialOomph. Being able to share your content right after you’ve composed your articles is a good way to “stay connected” and continue the conversation with your friends, prospects, and targeted audience.

Strategy 7-Integrity Is Priceless

Compose an explosive article packed with Integrity! Probably one of the most vital aspects of creating dynamite strategies that deliver explosive articles for marketing is to be as honest as you possibly can. Telling the truth is a virtue that will increase trust, respect, and eventually pure loyalty! Don’t underestimate the power of having integrity and persuasive writing strategies in everything you write and do because, in this day and age on the Internet, being truthful IS Priceless!

There’s no reason WHY you cannot discover and learn the necessary strategies mentioned here that will that your content and provide you with explosive articles with sincere results. If you apply these top 7 dynamite, persuasive writing strategies, then you’ll be able to write with an appropriate Plan for Success, Execute your thoughts and desires with integrity, and deliver your content with Precision, so people will relate and understand your purpose.

Robert {Bryan} Anthony is a rising Certified Affiliate Online Marketer and Life Coach providing relevant solutions, mentoring, and value to home business owners and network marketers, encouraging them to create their own success story as they discover their own Secrets of Business Success.

He receives valuable article marketing strategies from his colleague, Robert David Strong. Bryan teaches how to Start a Home Based Biz using Integrity and Well-Sought after business training. Bryan builds strong, healthy relationships that are Adventurous and Exciting! He fully understands the meaning of Strengthening Self-Mastery, Taking Action, and Building Positive Relationships. Where there’s commitment, loyalty, and trust involved, Bryan has Faith to overcome any challenge and will lead anyone else to do the same. He’s NOT taking any Short-Cuts!

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If you want to know more about Article Marketing, then call Bryan at 1+20-337-9896.
Also, be sure to join Bryan and the excitement as you become a part of an exclusive group he is currently assisting…a work in progress at [http://MeetRBryanAnthony.com]

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Top-7-Dynamite-Persuasive-Writing-Strategies-To-Deliver-Explosive-Articles&id=5840939] Top 7 Dynamite Persuasive Writing Strategies To Deliver Explosive Articles

Developing Dynamite Topics

Developing Dynamite Topics
By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Scott_Hammond/611569]Scott Hammond

Speaking in business is a key skill set. You will be judged by not only the words you use-but in how you use them. Become an exceptional speaker and you will win in business. The opportunities to learn are plentiful (i.e. Toastmasters) and good speaking is a skill to master. This is a must in business today—for everyone in your company. This is true for a CEO, salesperson, or any front-line staff. People will judge your company by your ability to communicate the values and culture of your business.

What Is A Dynamite Topic?
Find YOUR Hot Topic in your industry and set yourself apart from the competition-fast!! Develop one that people remember. Find a memorable topic–something people will resonate with. This is not the same as a hot or trendy topic-this is NOT what is hot on Twitter or in the media today. Make it unique, memorable, and “you.”

Hot Topics vs. Dynamic Topics
Hot topics are the same as they’ve always been-Motivational, inspirational, sales team building, the future, etc…
The problem with hot topics-they have too much competition-not so with a truly dynamic topic.
Trendy and hot topics are hot for a short time-then they fade fast-consider Miley Cyrus and Brittany Spears.
The danger with trendy topics is that they die out. (One just faded as you read this… )

Why you want a Dynamite Topic
A dynamic topic reduces the competition–Think of how many business voices there are-this will set you apart from the pack. This unique topic narrows your audience-you become unique and singular and one of a kind. Start by narrowing your topic down. Real Estate>Big Ticket Homes>Bay Area> East Bay>Hayward… (You get the picture.)

The Importance of Passion
Why you need passion… You will spend a lot of time on the subject
Reading, researching, note taking, rehearsing and more—you will “own” this topic.
What books interest you?
Where do you automatically go in a bookstore?
What’s on your bookshelf at home?
What do you read about?
What television programs do you watch?
Is there a topic that people keep asking you for?
That’s one you should concentrate on—find out what your audience wants and what you are passionate about.

There Are Riches in Niches
Why you need a niche–there’s way too much competition in hot topics. Most of us will never be famous enough to own a hot topic. It’s best if you can develop your own niche.
What do you know that no one else knows? They want information they can use in their work or lives now
You can become an expert at almost anything w/1 hour of study a day.
Can you provide a unique perspective on an old topic? What do you know that no one else knows? What makes you unique?
Do you have credibility in a specific topic?

What have you learned?
What challenges have you overcome that others have not?
What unique perspective do you have on your subject?

Developing a Niche
What do you know that’s unique? Do you have credibility?
You may have studied a very specific subject very intensely-what do you know?
It’s harder to become an expert than simply expanding your expertise
You are already an expert in something. Finding what it is can be a challenge

Other sources of ideas for topics

A. Industry magazines
The articles generally deal with the issues & problems of readers
What topics are hot?
What issues keep coming up over & over?

B. Get on conference mailing lists
These are seminar topics that are hot now
Can you provide a unique perspective?

C. Go to industry trade shows
Talk to people
Look at booths

D. Call trade associations & talk to them
Talk to experts

E. Be controversial if you can
People like contrarian views

Hot Titles
A. Must have a hot title otherwise no one will remember it
1. Brief–3-5 words is best
2. Catchy
3. Descriptive
4. Unique
5. Memorable
6. Ask a provocative question

Testing Your Topic
Once you have a topic you must carefully analyze it…
Do audiences ask for more?
Do people ask you to expand on it?
Do people ask you to present it in different industries?
Do people offer to pay you for it?

Honing Your Topic
A. Present it in low-risk forums
Animal circuit if a business topic
Moose, Elks, Lions, Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce
Churches & other groups if not a business topic

B. Add New Material
What questions does the audience ask?
Find the answer and add it in
Eventually I had a book
Expand what works

C. Delete the superfluous
Get rid of the fluff
Drop what doesn’t work
Change it to meet t need of your audience
Your audience will tell you what they want to hear
What questions do they ask?
Find the answers & incorporate it into your program

Own Your Niche
A. Write articles
Great free marketing tool
I have a publicist who place my articles

B. Write books
Nothing more than an expensive business card
They will usually not throw it away

C. Appear on TV & radio
If your topic is unique enough–You can become a celebrity in a niche.

Finally, find your passionate, dynamic topic and develop it. It will set you apart and you will be the expert in your field. Go for it—you know stuff no one else does—You have embedded knowledge… help us and teach us what you know.

Scott Hammond is a Parenting Expert and as a father of 9 children offers a unique point of view on fathering and intentional living. Scott is an Award Winning professional speaker and has been recognized as a business consultant/coach with 30 years of marketing experience. Scott is the author or “Every Day Dad-the Guide to Becoming a Better Father” available on Amazon.com.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Developing-Dynamite-Topics&id=8089021] Developing Dynamite Topics