Developing Dynamite Topics

Developing Dynamite Topics
By []Scott Hammond

Speaking in business is a key skill set. You will be judged by not only the words you use-but in how you use them. Become an exceptional speaker and you will win in business. The opportunities to learn are plentiful (i.e. Toastmasters) and good speaking is a skill to master. This is a must in business today—for everyone in your company. This is true for a CEO, salesperson, or any front-line staff. People will judge your company by your ability to communicate the values and culture of your business.

What Is A Dynamite Topic?
Find YOUR Hot Topic in your industry and set yourself apart from the competition-fast!! Develop one that people remember. Find a memorable topic–something people will resonate with. This is not the same as a hot or trendy topic-this is NOT what is hot on Twitter or in the media today. Make it unique, memorable, and “you.”

Hot Topics vs. Dynamic Topics
Hot topics are the same as they’ve always been-Motivational, inspirational, sales team building, the future, etc…
The problem with hot topics-they have too much competition-not so with a truly dynamic topic.
Trendy and hot topics are hot for a short time-then they fade fast-consider Miley Cyrus and Brittany Spears.
The danger with trendy topics is that they die out. (One just faded as you read this… )

Why you want a Dynamite Topic
A dynamic topic reduces the competition–Think of how many business voices there are-this will set you apart from the pack. This unique topic narrows your audience-you become unique and singular and one of a kind. Start by narrowing your topic down. Real Estate>Big Ticket Homes>Bay Area> East Bay>Hayward… (You get the picture.)

The Importance of Passion
Why you need passion… You will spend a lot of time on the subject
Reading, researching, note taking, rehearsing and more—you will “own” this topic.
What books interest you?
Where do you automatically go in a bookstore?
What’s on your bookshelf at home?
What do you read about?
What television programs do you watch?
Is there a topic that people keep asking you for?
That’s one you should concentrate on—find out what your audience wants and what you are passionate about.

There Are Riches in Niches
Why you need a niche–there’s way too much competition in hot topics. Most of us will never be famous enough to own a hot topic. It’s best if you can develop your own niche.
What do you know that no one else knows? They want information they can use in their work or lives now
You can become an expert at almost anything w/1 hour of study a day.
Can you provide a unique perspective on an old topic? What do you know that no one else knows? What makes you unique?
Do you have credibility in a specific topic?

What have you learned?
What challenges have you overcome that others have not?
What unique perspective do you have on your subject?

Developing a Niche
What do you know that’s unique? Do you have credibility?
You may have studied a very specific subject very intensely-what do you know?
It’s harder to become an expert than simply expanding your expertise
You are already an expert in something. Finding what it is can be a challenge

Other sources of ideas for topics

A. Industry magazines
The articles generally deal with the issues & problems of readers
What topics are hot?
What issues keep coming up over & over?

B. Get on conference mailing lists
These are seminar topics that are hot now
Can you provide a unique perspective?

C. Go to industry trade shows
Talk to people
Look at booths

D. Call trade associations & talk to them
Talk to experts

E. Be controversial if you can
People like contrarian views

Hot Titles
A. Must have a hot title otherwise no one will remember it
1. Brief–3-5 words is best
2. Catchy
3. Descriptive
4. Unique
5. Memorable
6. Ask a provocative question

Testing Your Topic
Once you have a topic you must carefully analyze it…
Do audiences ask for more?
Do people ask you to expand on it?
Do people ask you to present it in different industries?
Do people offer to pay you for it?

Honing Your Topic
A. Present it in low-risk forums
Animal circuit if a business topic
Moose, Elks, Lions, Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce
Churches & other groups if not a business topic

B. Add New Material
What questions does the audience ask?
Find the answer and add it in
Eventually I had a book
Expand what works

C. Delete the superfluous
Get rid of the fluff
Drop what doesn’t work
Change it to meet t need of your audience
Your audience will tell you what they want to hear
What questions do they ask?
Find the answers & incorporate it into your program

Own Your Niche
A. Write articles
Great free marketing tool
I have a publicist who place my articles

B. Write books
Nothing more than an expensive business card
They will usually not throw it away

C. Appear on TV & radio
If your topic is unique enough–You can become a celebrity in a niche.

Finally, find your passionate, dynamic topic and develop it. It will set you apart and you will be the expert in your field. Go for it—you know stuff no one else does—You have embedded knowledge… help us and teach us what you know.

Scott Hammond is a Parenting Expert and as a father of 9 children offers a unique point of view on fathering and intentional living. Scott is an Award Winning professional speaker and has been recognized as a business consultant/coach with 30 years of marketing experience. Scott is the author or “Every Day Dad-the Guide to Becoming a Better Father” available on

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